Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Stamp Sets For Sale

2010-2011 catalog $1.00

Fall / Winter 2008 Catalog $1.00

2004-2005 catalog $1.00

2005-2006 Catalog $1.00

Almost Amethyst (27 sheets cardstock, 1 ink pad, 1 marker) $5.00
Orchid Opulence (26 sheets cardstock, 1 ink pad, 1 marker) $5.00

Cameo Coral (7 sheets cardstock, 1 ink pad)$3.00 (sold)
Pale Plum (27 sheets cardstock, 1 ink pad, 1 marker) $5.00 (sold)
Lovely Lilac (23 sheets cardstock, 1 ink pad, 1 marker) $5.00 (sold)

Pack of retired pastels $1.00 (SOLD)
Blue frost ink pad $2.00

Ink pads - $2.00 each

Really Rust (top left)

Taken with Tmeal ( top middle)

True Thyme (top right)

Pixie Pink (bottom left)

Purely Pomegranate (middle bottom)

Ballet Blue (bottom right)

Ink pads -$2.00 each

Brilliant Blue (top left)

Soft Sky (top middle)

Bordering Blue (top right)

Ink pad with ink refill - $3.00 ea

Brocade Blue (bottom left)

Dusty Durango (bottom middle) (SOLD)

Crushed Currey (bottom right)

Pun Fun originally... $32.95...now $12.00

Just Buzzin by originally $27.95....now $12.00

Long Fellows $14.00

Punch Bunch $7.00

So Green originally $14.95...now $6.00

So Hapy For you....$7.00 (sold)

Of the Earth....$5.00 (sold)

Happy Together...originally $14.95...now $6.00

Love Bug....$5.00

Mixed Greetings $5.00

Alphabet Soup (right) $5.00

Happy Harmony (left) $7.00

All natural (right) originally $17.95...now $9.00

Best Yet (top left) $5.00

Burst into bloom (top right) originally $11.95....now $5.00

Comfort Food (bottom) $5.00

Watercolor Garden II (left) originally $28.95...now $12.00

Summer by the Sea (right) originally $28.95...now $12.00 (sold)

Stipple Celebrations (left) originally $28.95....now $12.00 (SOLD)

Solemn Stillness (right) originally $28.95....now $12.00

Looks like Spring (left) originally $28.95...now $12.00

Sew Seasonal (right) originally $28.95...now $12.00

Heartfelt Thanks (left) originally $32.95...no.w $15.00

Doodle This (right) originally $33.95....now $15.00

Mixed Bouquet (left) $12.00

Petal Prints (right) originally $26.95.....now $14.00

Time Well Spent (left) $12.00
Tag Time (right) originally $26.95....now $12.00

Sweet Shapes (left) originally $24.95.....now $12.00
Cold Play (right) $12.00

Outlined for Fun (left) originally $25.95....now $11.00
Something to Celebrate (right) originally $24.95.....now $12.00

Bold Butterfly (left) $11.00
Fresh Flowers (right) originally $24.95....now $11.00

Vintage labels (left) $5.00 (sold)
Good Neighbors (right) $5.00

Festive Favorites (left) originally $22.95....now $12.00
Quotes to Live by (right) SOLD

Brides and Babies (left) $13.00
Bundle of Joy (right) $13.00

Winged Things (left) $12.00
Merry (right) $13.00 (sold)

Echoes of Kindness (left) $10.00 (sold)
Snowflakes (right) originally $21.95....now $10.00

Friends are like Flowers (left) originally $22.95...now $10.00
Sheltering Tree (right) $10.00

Unknown Name (left) $10.00
Figures of Speech (right) originally $21.95....now $10.00

Fanciful Flowers (left) $1o.00

A New Little Someone (right) originally $19.95....now $10.00 (sold)

Fishy Friends (left) originally $19.95....now $10.00 (SOLD)

It's a Stretch (right ) originally $23.95...now $10.00

Crazy For Christmas (left) $9.00
Happy Fall, Y'all (right) originally $17.95...now $9.00

Send a Celebration $6.00

Alphabet Soup (left ) $8.00

Mini Messages (right) originally $16.95...now $8.00

Quick and Cute (left) $7.00

The World Over (right) $7.00

Watercolor Mini's (left) $8.00

TAgger's Dozen (right) $8.00

Never Ending Joy (left) originally $17.95.... now $9.00

Easy Elegance (right) originally $19.95....now $8.00 (sold)

Fall Whimsy (left) $8.00

Gently Falling (right) $6.00

Best Blossoms (top) $8.00

Little Pieces (bottom) Originally $16.95...now $8.00

Love Bug (left) $7.00 (SOLD)

Seeing Spots (right) originally $15.95...now $8.00

Big Blossom (left) originally $17.95....now $8.00

Suitable for Framing (right) $8.00

A to Z accents (left) $7.00

So Very (right) $7.00

Noteworthy (left) $7.00

Patterned Pines (right) $8.00

Yummy (left) $6.00

Polka Dot Punches (right) $6.00

Yummy (left) $5.00

Polka Dot's and Paisley (right) $7.00

Tags so much (left) $6.00

Birthday Best (right) $5.00

Tags so much (left) $7.00 (sold)

The Wheel Thing (right) $7.00 (sold)

Congrats (left) $7.00

Darling Dots (right) $6.00

Sweet Little Sentiments (left) $8.00

God's Beauty (right) $7.00

Too Terrific TAgs (top) $6.00

Wreath of Roses (bottom) $8.00

Perfect Ending (top left) $5.00

Spring fling (top middle) originally $12.95...now $6.00

Stars and Swirls (top right) originally $11.95...now $5.00

A Tree for all seasons (bottom left) originally $11.95...now $5.00 (sold)

Timeworn Trim (bottom middle) $5.00

Mr. Twigster (bottom right) $6.00

Listen with the heart (top left) $5.00

Made from Scratch (top middle) $5.00 (sold)

Pocket full of posies (top right) $5.00

Flowers of gratitude (bottom left) $5.00 (sold)

Holiday best (bottom middle) $5.00

Say it Simply (bottom right) $5.00

Snow flurries $5.00